Concrete Truck Components

At Industrias Barga, we manufacture the following concrete truck components:


For concrete trucks

We manufacture our products with the utmost quality and turnaround speed to meet our customers’ needs and with customized finishes. To do so, we rely on a team with immense prior experience at other companies in the sector and with a high capacity for the proven service and quality provided by our parent group.

We use next-generation laser cutting and bending machinery to work with lengths of up to 6 metres. High-precision cone curving, submerged arc welding, manual and automatic installation of shot blasting systems with vertical drum positioning as well as paint drying oven painting booths.

1.Fold-down channel

The final section of the sequence of channels used to pour concrete. It features an articulated joint connecting to the rotating channel to be folded up over it and folded down when used.

2. Rotating channel

Located under the discharge hopper, it can guide the sequence of channels in the necessary direction.

3. Ladders

They allow operators to safely climb up to the hole in the drum.

4. Loading hopper

A fixed hopper to pour concrete into the drum.

5. Discharge hopper

The discharge hopper or dump guides the concrete into the sequence of channels.

6. Mudguard

Protects the wheels on the two rear axles of concrete trucks.

7. Auxiliary channel

This is used if more length is needed in the sequence of channels. It fits on the end of the fold-down channel and is secured to the wing, when not necessary.

8. Cleaning tank

A pressurized water tank used to clean the truck drum and sequence of channels.



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